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Classic Carmageddon Coming To GOG, New Entry In The Series Likely

Carmageddon will always hold a special place in my heart. It's not because the "kill scores of pedestrians" mechanic catered to my inner psychopath, nor the joy of knowing that its existence undoubtedly caused weeks of night terrors for Jack Thompson, in which he spider-walked (Exorcist style) along the ceiling, bile dripping from his teeth and, and his spirit possessed by a thousand nameless horrors. No, while such things are enjoyable in their own right, there was one aspect Carmageddon that brought utter delight to my teenage incarnation: its blatant disregard for physics. Watching your car hurl into the stratosphere, twisting and flipping like some kind of malfunctioning ICBM, somehow never got old. While my fellow schoolchums sat around with Twisted Metal and Destruction Derby 2, yours truly gleefully bulldozed through a sea of innocents.

Luckily, the for those of us that enjoyed its almost infantile pleasures, Carmageddon, as well as the Splat Pack expansion, will be coming to GOG in the coming months for PC in the form of Carmageddon: Max Pack - sorry, Mac and Linux users. Yet for those that want their ultraviolence in full, pixelicious glory, a new Carmageddon game is coming - generosity of the public permitting. Indeed, a Kickstarter project has begun for a new entry in the series, called Reincarnation - in spite of my myriad pleas, the developers have declined to name the new game "Carmageddon: MurderDeath Slaugherolocaust." According to the Kickstarter page, the long wait was due to the fact that Stainless Games, the developer for the Carmageddon series, found themselves on the losing end of a deal with their "evil"publisher, which sucked up the lion's share of Carmageddon's profits, as well as finding the publisher retaining the copyright to the series. Stainless has recently bought back the rights to the game they created, and as such, vehicular mayhem is once again set to be wrought. As an incentive, those that pledge $25 will receive not only a DRM-free copy of Reincarnation, but both the original game and Splat Pack from GOG. The Kickstarter currently stands just $20,000 shy of its $400,000 goal, and will be coming to PC - with Mac and Linux support possible through its stretch goal - no word on what the dollar amount required would be.

So if you were a fan of the old games, be sure to check GOG in the coming months, and if you've been itching for a new entry in the series, head over to Kickstarter!

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