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Day One DLC For Tekken Tag 2


Namco Bandai announced today that Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is set to release for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 the week of September 10. They're touting this installment of the series as having "the largest roster of fighters in Tekken history," but in fact, there's a way you can boost the number of playable characters. That's right, it's another pre-order bonus.

Pre-ordering at and Best Buy will get you Michelle Chang and Angel, while GameStop is offering Kunimitsu and Ancient Ogre in addition to Michelle Chang and Angel. So it seems that GameStop is the way to go. Unless you don't give a toss about Kunimitsu...

"Pleasing our fans is of paramount importance to the TEKKEN development team, therefore we are giving players full access to the wide array of fighters in TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 at no additional cost," said Katsuhiro Harada, TEKKEN Project Director at NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. "The roster of playable characters in any fighting game is an essential factor in contributing to a player's overall experience. By offering DLC characters at no additional cost to players, we are able to deliver a pure TEKKEN experience to all of our fans."

If they really wanted to please their fans, they wouldn't divvy up the DLC like that. While I appreciate that the bonus characters are free (albeit with a pre-order), the fact that they're releasing them at launch stinks of more of this on-disc unlockable DLC that's been all the rage lately. And honestly, if you were at all interested in pre-ordering this game to get the bonus characters, why would anyone opt to buy Tekken Tag Tournament 2 at Amazon or Best Buy if they're only going to get two instead of the four you get at GameStop?


Esme Bush said:

Michelle & Kunimitsu! Now I have to get this game! Wonder how the Australian retailers will split them up...

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Esme Bush on Day One DLC For Tekken Tag 2: Michelle & Kunimitsu! Now I have to get this game! Wonder how the Australian retailers will split them up......

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