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Friday Frivolity: Double Fine's (Documentary) Adventure Begins

The internet: To its proponents, it is a marvel of the modern age. Casting aside the old means of information distribution, the immaterial, collective mind of the masses promises a sort of constructive anarchy: one in which all is accessible with the click of a mouse, and the common man can speak truth to power with nothing more than the staccato tapping of a keyboard.

To the rest of us, it is a turgid cesspit that must be destroyed at all costs. Indulging the most vile perversions - be they physical, intellectual, or what modern psychology calls "sexy perversions" - this "progress" of which futurists once spoke has become our undoing. Indeed, the internet is a sump of depravity, so insidious in its nature, and so pervasive in its influence, as to bring even the most innocent mind under its spell. We once dreamed of the stars; now we flutter about the social landscape - rudderless, constantly-distracted servants of the carnal urge - without even a moment's care for what white-haired men call " traditional family values."

So while you enjoy you lolcats and silly flash videos, pay no heed to the Luciferian visage in your computer screen - grinning a fanged grin and clapping its cloven hooves together with glee - but make no mistake: you, poor wretch of this foul Year of our Lord, 2012, are complicit in the doom of civilization.

For shame.

Thankfully, there exists some hope on the horizon: a bearded, yet boyish figure that we in the know call "Tim Schafer." Indeed, this hobbit-like creature of mirth promises to deliver us from moral decay, in the form of the fabled "documentary," and ongoing series that will follow the development of Double Fine Adventure. Those who backed the project have already been made privy to its existence; for those who didn't, the video has been made available on YouTube, courtesy of 2 Player Productions.

Having already seen it, I can confirm that the installment is a rather heartwarming tale. Waxing nostalgia on classic, point-and-click adventure titles, while outlining the challenge of developing such games with mainstream publishing, the video follows Double Fine Adventure's Kickstarter campaign, from its inception to its satisfying conclusion. I'll not spoil the rest, since it is highly recommended viewing: Schafer and Gilbert are infectiously charming, and the kids at 2 Player Productions have a talent for capturing the story in a rather sentimental way.

So for those who have yet to see the Double Fine's video update, click above and enjoy its feel-good loveliness. To the rest, happy Friday!

via Game Informer


AladinSane said:

Swede, you always crack me up! I usually know its a post from you the first sentence in. Keep up the good work!

SuperSwede said:

Heh, well thank you ;)

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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SuperSwede on Friday Frivolity: Double Fine's (Documentary) Adventure Begins: Heh, well thank you ;)...

AladinSane on Friday Frivolity: Double Fine's (Documentary) Adventure Begins: Swede, you always crack me up! I usually know its a post from you the first sentence in. Keep up...

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