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Gallery (via link): Crysis 3


While Crysis 3 may be some time off - the game is currently slated for a "Spring 2013 release" - it's never too early for screenshots. Indeed, as is so often the case, the internet provides. Rather than simply an artist's rendering of a sobbing graphics card, the kids over at All Games Beta have happened upon some visual lovelies from Crysis 3, and as a matter of due course, shared them with the public at large. While seemingly not "in-game," the pictures give a high-res look at the dilapidated New York setting, showing how nature has begun to recapture the city. We also get a couple shots of Prophet, wielding his trusty compound bow (all the better to shoot you, my sweet...), as well as the nanodome: a honeycomb-style encasement that looms ominously above the cityscape.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this article, yours truly is having internet issues of a most elusive (and seemingly unresolvable) sort -- see "sh*tty internet connection" for further clarification -- thus preventing me from posting the gallery here. After weighing my desire for a reliable connection (at the new dwelling) against my cats' love of eating, the latter has prevailed; thus, the gallery can be viewed at All Games Beta.

Now granted, Crysis 3 is seemingly ages away from release, but thus far, I like what I see. The marriage of urban and jungle combat is an interesting one, keeping things familiar enough to be accessible, while adding enough variation too keep from feeling terribly derivative. So while we wait for Crytek's digital lovechild to be birthed from the loins of Lady New Year, enjoy the screenshots - and for those who have yet to see the full trailer for Crysis 3, check it out this link!

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