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How Will You Conquer Pokémon Conquest?


Nintendo has released some more details regarding the gameplay for the upcoming Pokémon Conquest, due out for the DS on June 18. But first, can we just address how adorable that guy is posing with Snivy? Green hair and all...

Anyhoo... The plot of Pokémon Conquest has you tasked with saving the Ransei region from the powerful warlord Nobunaga. You must conquer 17 different kingdoms and unite them to awaken the Legendary Pokémon and save the land. Story mode will be broken up into episodes that you will unlock as you progress. Each episode will feature a different playable warlord and its own specific conditions to attain victory.

You grow your army by recruiting defeated warlords and their Pokémon. Once conquering a kingdom, you will then have access to facilities like training grounds, shops and mines. You can also strengthen your army by linking with Pokémon, because this is a Pokémon game, after all! Training grounds are where you can train your army or capture and link with wild Pokémon. But each warlord will have their own special ability to change the tide of battle. For instance, Warlord Oichi can heal all the Pokémon in your army. In addition, the warlords have types like Pokémon do, so some warlords will link better with certain Pokémon than others.

Each of the 17 kingdoms will have a different type-themed battlefield. Like the kingdom of Ignis, which you probably guessed is fire-themed, so you'll want to use your water-type Pokémon to successfully conquer it. You can also use your armies to battle with friends via local Wi-Fi. No word on online play yet, but as Nintendo leaks out more and more info on Pokémon Conquest, I'll keep you updated!


M.B. said:

That's Motonari Mōri. Funnily enough, he's one of the characters I like to prominently use in the Samurai Warriors/Warriors Orochi series...

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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M.B. on How Will You Conquer Pokémon Conquest?: That's Motonari Mōri. Funnily enough, he's one of the characters I like to prominently use in the Samurai Warriors/Warriors Orochi...

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