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In The New Spider-Man Game, You Can Play As... STAN LEE?!?


Activision is trying to drum up interest in their upcoming movie tie-in The Amazing Spider-Man game by announcing some pre-order incentives. The game is due out June 26, but if you place an order at a participating retailer as noted below, you'll get a particular bonus mission. One is lame and the other is almost so crazy I feel like it might be worth it.

If you pre-order from GameStop, you'll get the Rhino Challenge, which lets you take control of the massive super-villain as you rampage around Manhattan. Okay, that could be entertaining, just causing mass destruction. But I'd much rather order from, because then you get a special bonus mission where you play as Stan "The Man" Lee himself! Spidey's co-creator will borrow some of the web-spinner's super-powers as he collects pages of his latest script in a race around the Big Apple. And at the end of the mission, there's a special surprise for fans to celebrate Spidey's 50th anniversary this year.

The thing is, both of these particular bonus missions are for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 only. This movie tie-in (although it technically takes place after the events in the film, so it's kind of like an epilogue/sequel) is naturally going to be released on every game system out there, but those two are the only ones that get the pre-order bonuses. So if you were going to play it on the Wii, you're out of luck.

I think playing as a wall-crawling Stan Lee sounds kind of hilarious, but honestly, if I was going to play The Amazing Spider-Man, I think the most important thing I'd want would be a skin that turns the hideous movie costume into the comic book one. (Or a skin that turns Spidey into Andrew Garfield in his undies, but that's much less likely!)

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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