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Mama Gets Bundled Up!


Everybody remembers how much fun the original Cooking Mama was, right? And how the follow-ups seemed a little weird because they took Mama out of the kitchen? Well, now it's a little easier to justify checking them out because Majesco has announced that they're collecting some of Mama's greatest hits into DS and Wii bundles!

"We're extremely proud of our Cooking Mama franchise that grew from one genre-defining game on Nintendo DS™ into a 13 million unit sales triumph across multiple platforms," said Jesse Sutton, Chief Executive Officer, Majesco Entertainment. "Mama's charm and simple yet addictive gameplay formula have transformed millions into interactive cooks, crafters and campers. Our Mama Combo Packs combine these classic experiences to offer new fans Mama's best content at an unbeatable price."
Mama's Combo Pack Volume 1 brings the DS games Cooking Mama and Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures together. I'm not going to describe Cooking Mama because you all should've played that already. Camping Mama takes Mama and her family on a camping trip where you'll interact with wildlife, survive nature and hunt for treasure across 38 levels and 100 different games.

Mama's Combo Pack Volume 2 for the DS combines Cooking Mama 2: Dinner With Friends and Crafting Mama. In the sequel to the awesome Cooking Mama, you'll have to deal with your finicky friends judging your final dishes, customizing Mama and your kitchen as you go along. In Crafting Mama, you'll work your way through 40 different projects, sewing, molding, painting and cutting to create jewelry, candles, quilts, mugs, and a buch of other crafty stuff!

Mama's 2-Pack for the Wii brings together Cooking Mama Cook Off and Cooking Mama World Kitchen. This time you'll trade your DS stylus for the Wiimote as you cook your way through the activities, this time including 2-player cook-offs! In the Wii sequel, you'll have brand new 3D graphics, new recipes, mini-games and gameplay modes.

Since I've already got Cooking Mama, I'm less likely to try Camping Mama by buying Volume 1. But I never tried the Wii games or the DS sequel, so the other two combo packs are awful tempting! (Guess the baby peripheral kept them from including Babysitting Mama in here!)


Xeno said:

"They took Mama out of the kitchen?"

Probably not the right term to use there, just sayin'.

Wootini said:

No, that's the joke I meant to make! :-)

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Wootini on Mama Gets Bundled Up!: No, that's the joke I meant to make! :-)...

Xeno on Mama Gets Bundled Up!: "They took Mama out of the kitchen?" Probably not the right term to use there, just sayin'....

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