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Nintendo Teases More Details Of Pokémon Conquest


Pokémon Conquest is due to be released for the DS in just a few short weeks on June 18, so Nintendo has decided to further whet your appetite for the game by revealing still more details about the gameplay.

As you conquer the Ransei region, you will be able to link with Pokémon at either a Bronze, Silver or Gold level. Obviously a Gold medal Pokémon link would be the best, and potentially a Perfect Link, which would allow you to make your Pokémon even more powerful. See, the linking ties into Evolution. Not only does using your Pokémon in battle level them up to evolve, the increased link percentage will also factor in. As do the usual items, like Thunder Stones.

In addition, Warlords will also be evolving into more powerful forms. Not Warriors, but Warlords that you use in battle. And they'll even change appearance like the dude above, who got a little dye job and traded in his fan and robe for snazzier models!

Nintendo will also be leaking out passwords upon the game's release that you can enter to create an outbreak of specific Pokémon for one game turn in a training ground in your kingdom. This way, you can link with extra-powerful or hard-to-find Pokémon earlier in the game than usual.

Most interestingly, Nintendo is describing the story as being episodic in structure. As you explore and conquer the Ransei region, you will have to meet different goals in order to complete an episode and move on to the next. For instance, in one episode, you must collect 100 Pokémon in order to achieve victory. There's no word on how many episodes will actually be included in Pokémon Conquest, but Nintendo is promising further episodes will be available for download over Nintendo WiFi Connection after launch. So much like you can download extra puzzles after finishing a Professor Layton game, Nintendo is going to keep you playing Pokémon Conquest with free DLC episodes with more crazy goals to attain!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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