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Quantum Conundrum Invents A PC Release Date

You might recall that Quantum Conundrum was one of the surprise hits of PAX East 2012 for me, and I'm pleased to announce that Square Enix has now set a release date for this new first-person puzzler from Portal co-creator Kim Swift. Quantum Conundrum will be available June 21 exclusively for Steam on PC.

You can now pre-order the standard edition or a season pass, which will include three exclusive Team Fortress 2 items, an exclusive downloadable Quantum Conundrum soundtrack, and future downloadable puzzle packs. And both the regular game and season pass will be 10% off between now and June 20. Also, anyone who pre-orders the PC version of the game will automatically be entered into a sweepstakes to have their likeness painted by the Quantum Conundrum art staff and hung in Professor Quadwrangle's mansion!

Now, if they would just set the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 release date, I'd know when I can get excited to play it! Until then, please to enjoy the special E3 trailer for Quantum Conundrum, just released today!


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