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Rock Band Goes For Some Welsh Metal


By my count, we're about due for some classic rock and/or pop in the Rock Band Music Store, right? Because this week brings another round of metal from a band I've actually never even heard of, called Bullet For My Valentine. Turns out they'er Welsh, and there's one track from each of their three albums included in this week's Rock Band DLC. You've got "Tears Don't Fall," "Scream Aim Fire" and "Your Betrayal." There's no keyboards (a rarity in metal tracks, it seems), and only "Your Betrayal" has the optional $.99 Pro Guitar and Pro Bass upgrades. The tracks are $2 each, or you can get the entire Bullet For My Valentine Pack 01 for $5.49.

I'm sure plenty of people will be downloading these, but I'm not one of them. Maybe next week will bring something more my style...


I'm actually quite a fan of BFMV, and a metalhead in general. I think the big draw of metal tracks on Rock Band is that a lot of gamers who like metal have an insatiable need to test their skills with more complicated and insane metal tracks.

Truly, I'm bummed that "Hearts Burst Into Fire" isn't included in the BFMV pack... without that, there's no reason to buy it.

Oh yeah... and I mostly bought Rock Band 3 for the keyboards, so the lack of keyboard tracks in new songs makes me sad. *sigh*

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David Greenwood on Rock Band Goes For Some Welsh Metal: I'm actually quite a fan of BFMV, and a metalhead in general. I think the big draw of metal tracks...

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