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Silent Hill: Book of Memories Delayed


Silent Hill has had a rather, shall we say, "interesting" ride. After the disbandment of Team Silent - save for Akira Yamaoka, who stayed on board through Shattered Memories - the series has found itself as a kind of international foster child. Our UK buddies at Climax gave us Origins and Shattered Memories, while America created Homecoming. Now, after being sent off to the Czech Republic for Downpour, Silent Hill once again finds itself in the moist womb of liberty - that magical, capitalist wonderland of infinite freedom, and anyone who would tell you differently is a communist, an atheist, and probably a homosexual - America. For the purposes of Silent Hill: Book of Memories, this includes the freedom of the new developer, WayForward, to push the game back to October.

Casting aside series conventions, Left 4 Dead: iPhone Edition Book of Memories takes a multiplayer-centric approach, and favors an isometric perspective over the classic Silent Hill fare. While I'm not exactly crying a sea of tears over its delay, I'm guessing there are those looking forward to the newest installment in the Silent Hill franchise, particularly with the Vita's relatively small library (given the console's relatively recent release), and the fact that the game was originally expected to be released in March of this year. While Amazon currently shows a release of October 31st, this should be taken with a grain of salt. Konami stated to IGN that "We've targeted an October release date for Silent Hill: Book of Memories, but we have not announced a specific day." According to Game Informer, the delay has been chalked up to "timing and development."


My theory is that the developers of all these Silent Hill's are not embarrassingly missing the point as you would believe, they're actually making a very respectful hommage to Silent Hill 2 by recreating the Pyramid Head mannequin rape scene, of course replacing the mannequins with the series.

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