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American Idol Games Are Still A Thing That Is Happening


The shine may be off American Idol, but that's not stopping FreemantleMedia from putting out videogames based on the once-ridiculously popular reality series. Previously, they were published by Konami, who knew their way around a singing game, even putting the American Idol games under their Karaoke Revolution umbrella. But now the license is going to Majesco, who knows a thing or two about making fun, family-friendly party games. But singing?

"Majesco's expertise in creating casual and family oriented titles made them the perfect partner for our biggest brand, American Idol," added Naz Cuevas, Senior Manager, Consumer Products, Hardlines, FremantleMedia Enterprises.

The Karaoke Revolution games are great, and I even own a couple of the American Idol ones because they're cheesy fun. But I've played enough singing games to know that they can be tough to pull off right. We'll see how Majesco does with it. (And if anybody still cares enough about American Idol to buy it!)

Now, if we could just get someone to license a So You Think You Can Dance game for Kinect!

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