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Doom 3 Resurrected With "BFG Edition"

Doom 3: When I was a lad, gazing upon its daunting system requirements saw my proletarian heart sink, and caused id's Wunderkind to become the video game equivalent of watching John Carmack sit upon his throne of skulls, eating an entire four course meal while my Dickensian avatar rubbed his growling belly and sobbed softly into his rags. Still, time heals all wounds, and now that Doom 3 is the latest and greatest of yesteryear (as a further aside, I did indeed finally manage to play the game), such unpleasantness is largely forgotten.

While a new Doom title is in the works (Carmack having presumably grown tired of his favorite concubine, Rage), it's still some time off. Thus, id Software has announced that Doom 3 is joining the ranks of "every game in existence" by getting an HD upgrade. While BFG Edition features the standard array of texture upgrades, smoother framerate, improved lighting, support for 5.1 surround sound and the like, the game offers a few extra delicious, digital morsels for mass consumption. Fans will be pleased to know that in addition to the core game and the Resurrection of Evil expansion pack, id will be including a new expansion, called the Lost Mission: "a never-before-seen single-player story for Doom 3 spread over seven fresh levels." For those that prefer to "kick it old school," the BFG Edition will include both Doom and Doom II.

Lastly, one of the chief complaints with Doom 3's gameplay has been resolved. At long last, the specter that cast its long, dark, shadow over the game - that god d*mn flashlight - is being addressed. Mod-happy PC gamers have long seen this issue remedied, but for those that prefer their nighttime killing sprees on consoles, id has bid adieu to the days of gun/flashlight juggling - a mechanic that was designed to increase tension, yet only managed to increase needless frustration - in favor of an armor-mounted light source. Trophies/Achievements will also be added for console gamers.

Peering back into the swirling fog tthat memory, I'm rather agnostic on the merits of Doom 3. Nostalgia compelled me to defend its honor: having been utterly enamored with the Doom series throughout my youth - something that, defying all expectations, did not inspire me to kill all of my classmates in a videogame-inspired fury - the mere sight of an updated Cacodemon was enough to make my teenage heart go all aflutter. Yet despite id's best efforts, I never managed to find myself completely sold on the "survival horror" aspects of the game.

What do you think, gamers? Are you tempted by the prospect of stepping into Doom 3's space boots once more, or is this so "please give us money" HD silliness? Sound off in the comments seciton below!

Doom 3: BFG Edition will be released this fall, for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

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Bill said:

Depending on when it comes out (If there no other MUST HAVE) I think I'm going to get it, I really liked the XBox version, still have it in fact.

Cylux said:

Doom 3 will always stand out for me as the game that was just pointlessly dark. Seriously, you release a fancy new game & graphics system with updated models for all the classic creatures and then make it so you can't even see em? Going so far as to make the bodies dissolve upon death? Even in the 'well lit' areas you were barely able to see your hand in front of your face, and god forbid you dare play the game in a room with a light source or window.

Any tension that might have been created by darkness was very quickly destroyed by its complete saturation in the game. Turning up the lights in some areas might have made that flashlight mechanic actually compelling rather than the game-wide pain in the arse that it was.

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Bill on Doom 3 Resurrected With "BFG Edition": Depending on when it comes out (If there no other MUST HAVE) I think I'm going to get it, I...

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