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Get Your Haunt On For Free!


Yesterday, a new Xbox 360 dashboard feature launched called "Kinect Central" that consolidates Kinect stuff into one handy dandy spot for you. And to promote this, you'll find the Kinect adventure game Haunt is completely free to download for a limited time!

Haunt has you exploring a spooky mansion to help a spirit named Benjamin who can possess paintings to help give you advice. It seems he wants you to bring him back, but as I've only played the introductory tutorial level, I'm not sure exactly what the plot is. Benjamin is kind of vague about exactly what he wants from you, and seems to be taking the whole situation rather lightly. Actually, the whole game is infused with a fun sense of humor. It's not really a horror game, per say. But what I've played is still fun. Not crazy about the walking in place to walk in the game, but you have to use your arm to aim your flashlight, so you can't really use that to move in a specific direction.

Haunt is available for free only from the Kinect Central section of your dashboard, not through Xbox LIVE. And it's only free until Monday, July 2, so if you want it, go get it. Although unfortunately, this promotion is available in North America only. Sorry the rest of you!


DarkHelios said:

Actually, it's only available in the US, not all of North America :(

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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DarkHelios on Get Your Haunt On For Free!: Actually, it's only available in the US, not all of North America :(...

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