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Nintendo Gains Co-Ownership Of Fatal Frame IP

Having inspired nightmares in gamers for some time, Fatal Frame has become an unlikely contender in the realm of survival horror. Casting aside the bashing of skulls with various implements of pain (i.e. shotguns and steel pipes) in favor of hot, film-on-ghost action, it nonetheless reinforced my belief that the there is something deeply, yet wonderfully wrong with Japan - and not because of things such as this.

The series is finding a cozy little home on Planet Nintendo, with the coming release of Project Zero 2 (a remake of Crimson Butterfly) on the Wii. Now, it seems that the series may be there to stay. According to Rely on Horror, "Nintendo recently updated it's copyright status, and seems to have full ownership of the spin-off Spirit Photography IP, and co-owns the Fatal Frame IP, including having ownership and publishing rights of this remake."

Sadly, lacking the interest to purchasing a Nintendo console for the foreseeable future, I fear this is where my dalliance with Fatal Frame will end. The game still holds a particularly bittersweet place in my heart: For ages, yours truly declared Silent Hill to be the absolute pinnacle of survival horror. Were we living in Eisenhower's America, I would declare Lady Silent to be "my best gal," rolling around playfully in rust colored fields and laughing a hellish laugh (probably sounding like the love wail of an amorous rhinocerous, played in reverse and pitch-shifted to a low growl), before planting a tender kiss on her non-face, and declaring that ours was a love without equal. Yet man is a creature of a thousand temptations, and before the words "late night at the office, dear" could escape my lips, I found myself in the embrace of Fatal Frame - the twenty-something trollop to my devoted wife - powerless against her myriad advances. In short, after much sweating of palms, and soiling of pants, I had to concede that Fatal Frame was more frightening than my beloved Silent Hill - and for that, its memory is forever colored by spite.

So good riddance, Fatal Frame - you cruel, b*tch-mistress of the Nine Hells - I shall pine the loss of that ghastly poonany forevermore.


MercuryWater said:

Great, Nintendo will keep denying us this remake won't they? I thought I wanted this game before but after this trailer...oh blimey...I need this game..and Fatal Frame 4...

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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MercuryWater on Nintendo Gains Co-Ownership Of Fatal Frame IP: Great, Nintendo will keep denying us this remake won't they? I thought I wanted this game before but after this...

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