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Persona 3 Gets Artsy

p3book cover.jpg

I know there's a lot of Persona fans out there, so you're gonna love this one. UDON has announced that they are publishing Persona 3: Official Design Works, a 144-page softcover art book from the hit Atlus game!

Persona 3: Official Design Works naturally features the usual sketches, production artwork, early design work, CG models, storyboards, backgrounds and whatnot, but Shigenori Soejima has added additional commentary to more than half the book! From his creative process to his feelings on the work and the characters, it's all there, including an 8,000 word interview. So this is one art book you're actually going to want to read!

UDON went out of the way to make this one of their best art books ever, and included special paper, foil stamping on the cover, silver ink accenting on every page, and used a special printing process to make it their prettiest yet. Persona 3: Official Design Works will be in stores on June 26 for $39.99.

p3book 01.jpgp3book 02.jpgp3book 03.jpg


Nexus said:

I'll be getting that one.
I'm an artbook nut and this one looks like it'll be amazing.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Nexus on Persona 3 Gets Artsy: Sweet! I'll be getting that one. I'm an artbook nut and this one looks like it'll be amazing....

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