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The Midwest Plays With Portals In "POrtal: Terminal Velocity" (Video)

Despite being an ongoing case study in mass emotional repression ("Minnesota Nice" my *ss), we tunra dwellers appreciate the finer aspects of the world of video games. Some, such as YouTube user Jason Craft (of Ramsey, MN fame), take their appreciation to a more creative level. Craft, with the help of some fellow, hearty Midwesterners, recently created "POrtal: Terminal Velocity," a bit of audiovisual loveliness sees his intrepid crew tackling the question of Portals, guns to create said portals, and the absurdity thereof.

The video is quite charming - bringing the joy of impossible physics to what could be aptly described as "quaint suburbia," and all - while as an added bonus, being devoid of any references to cake, Companion Cube, or other elements of the game that fall under the purview of "beating a dead horse" - or more fittingly: "beating a dead horse into grisly dismemberment, reassembling the pieces, and beating it again for good measure."

So check out the video, and for those of you that would like to more from Mr. Craft, check out his YouTube channel at this link!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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