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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

Well, it was a relatively quiet week in Narnia. No big ridiculousness... just a couple small ridiculousnesses. Oh, and it looks like I'm going to be losing another one of my friends...


At first I thought Puck was just being weird, but then it turns out that he specifically wanted to test out blue furniture. And of course, he can't get it himself, and it's up to me and my generous soul. So naturally I went to Nook's to see if he had any. I hate when he does, because I always feel like they could've just gone in and bought it themselves. But there wasn't any blue furniture in stock, so I ordered a blue chair for him. And the next day, it came in the mail, so I brought it over to Puck and you would've thought I was giving him a jeweled throne instead of a rickety old blue chair.


So when Astrid told me about how she couldn't bear to be in her house because someone wore a tacky outfit there (I wish she'd spilled who it was!), I naturally thought she was leading up to telling me she was going to move out. I mean, I would actually respect that kind of insane reason instead of the usual nonsense about being bored and needing a change. But it turns out that Astrid was just pontificating about this unfortunate soul who ruined her house with their awful wardrobe. (Seriously, who was it?!? I have to know!)


Sadly, it turns out that Del is going to move. I asked him not to, but his mind seemed pretty well made up. Oh well. The cool ones always move away...


Gabi was also on a rampage this week, ranting about her horrible house. She added that she couldn't redecorate because she didn't have enough money. So of course, I thought this was a lead-in to her asking me to buy some piece of tat off her for an exorbitant sum of bells. But then she didn't. She just ranted, got it off her chest and walked off. Go figure!

These people are SO WEIRD.


Michael said:

Maybe she was hinting at a certain someone with wario wear that she thought they were tacky. Might of been her trying to drop a hint. idk Just a thought. lol

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Michael on Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary: Maybe she was hinting at a certain someone with wario wear that she thought they were tacky. Might of been...

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