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Call Of Duty: Black Ops "Villain" Trailer, Featuring Music By... Trent Reznor?

Call of Duty: Having been assured by my friends that it wouldn't be my cup of tea, and sensing a direct correlation between one's love of the series and the likelihood of owning at least one "9/11: Never Forget" commemorative belt buckle, I've never gotten around to playing a single CoD title. I'd like to chalk this up to taking a principled stance (being the resident misanthropic hippie of Gay Gamer and all), but the rather dull truth is that the temptation to buy such games, and the inherent gamble therein, is secondary to more essential purchases - i.e. cigarettes and cat food.

Nonetheless, for those that enjoy the series, the Black Ops II "Villain" trailer is here. The video introduces gamers to a messianic madman, whose concern over the ever advancing, technological prowess of the military-industrial complex, and the potential for the fruits of its labor to fall into enemy hands, compels him to turn against his own country. In a twist that sends my little boy heart aflutter, the game's theme has been composed by... Trent Reznor?

Indeed, while the choice might seem rather odd, Reznor felt that the general tone of the story complimented his style than one might expect - and I don't just note that out of fear of being fist f*cked through my computer screen by his gigantic roid-arms. "There is a lot of reservation and angst and sense of loss and regret and anger bubbling under the surface," he said. "So it didn't make sense to have a gung ho, patriotic feeling theme song. It has to feel weighty."

More, including your humble and obedient servant's enduring man-crush, after the jump!

Reznor is no stranger to soundtracks, perhaps best known for his work on The Social Network, as well as Natural Born Killers, Lost Highway, and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. In the gaming realm, he provided music and audio for id Software's Quake, as well as doing the original audio work for Doom III, which fell through after John Carmack's refusal to pay him in unmarked $50 bills laced with coke disagreements with the company. Nonetheless, all latent fanboy business aside, I've always enjoyed the work of Captain BeefChest Trent Reznor, save for post-Fragile NIN, which we're not going to talk about. Despite a good deal of loathing from some of my more pretentious peers for "destroying" industrial music, I think the music stands on its own merits, and for the most part, I've been quite pleased with his previous soundtrack work.

Now if you will excuse me, I have a long-overdue date with Lady Imagination. Spiriting yours truly to a faraway land called "the nineties," my ethereal wing-gal and I shall take a carefree jaunt through this parallel universe: one in which Mr. Reznor is still 135lbs of sexy, and somehow inclined to lay yours truly upon a bedsheets made of black silk and despair, whisper angsty, yet sweet nothings in my ear, and make me his teenage plaything.

via Wall Street Journal


mittens said:

I am moved to disinterest by the news that Mr. Reznor is working on the project. His day came and went (the moment he married that Filipino child and started asking the public to remix his work "in the spirit of collaboration" ...not "laziness" and "lack of artistic vision"). And there is probably a significant upcharge in his deliverables compared to those of other talented-but-nameless studio composers. Unlike Swede, nobody asks for my opinion on this stuff, but I will bet dollars to donuts that this is an indication of quality concerns in the game's development.

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mittens on Call Of Duty: Black Ops "Villain" Trailer, Featuring Music By... Trent Reznor?: I am moved to disinterest by the news that Mr. Reznor is working on the project. His day came and...

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