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Import Some Cat-Themed Puzzle Goodness For PSP/PSN


I'm tempted to leave it there, since the cacophony of money changing hands is already rattling in my eardrums - yet the call of writing prevails. Having two fur-things of my own, one of whom I decided to name "Alessa" because I'm the twenty-something equivalent of an eccentric, elderly shut-in it sounded pretty, I'm a sucker for this sort of frivolity. There's something about our feline counterparts - their overt cuteness coupled with a sneering contempt for all that walk on two legs - that has always struck a chord with me, and thus, I find myself endlessly enchanted be their charms. Ergo, cat-themed video games are the bane of my wallet.

Luckily, our friends across the pond are similarly fond of these quadrupedal wonders. Enter Puzzle Fighter: Kitty Edition, a roll through the furry fields of "adorable," which will be available on the Japanese PSN and PSP this Thursday. While no North American or PAL release is on the agenda, the import-friendly crowd can snatch this bit of digital loveliness for $37 USD, and as Destructoid notes, "The Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo look-alike's playable cast includes Sony's lovable mascots Toro Inoue and his companion Kuro."

So for those looking to pay tribute to our Japanese masters - I for one welcome the day when "Secretary Mittens" (not to be confused with our regular commenter) runs the Defense Department - check out the trailer, via Destructoid (embedding stubbornly disabled), at this link - and for those tempted by the prospect of cat-themed puzzle goodness, I suppose there's always

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