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From a sociological point of view, Grand Theft Auto has been a bit of a dud: failing to destroy the moral core of the country, herald an age of mass psychopathy, or even cause an extended spike in traffic accidents. Indeed, the game's sole achievement was to cause a phenomenon that modern psychology calls "fun." Now, said fun is returning in the form of GTA III, bringing with it all the hot, baseball bat-on-pedestrian action that one might expect.

As the Examiner notes, news of the forthcoming release was preceded by a listing on the ESRB website (since removed) earlier this year, which showed that both GTA III and Vice City had received ratings for a release on the PS3. While there is currently no news about Vice City, it has been confirmed that GTA III will be available to PS3 owners, for download from PSN (for North America), on July 31st. While there is neither HD nor trophy support - the game seems to be ripped directly from its PS2 incarnation - the title will fetch a $9.99 price tag.

Grand Theft Auto: Because those hookers aren't going to beat themselves to death.


Natasha said:

I heard about this the other day and I am so excited! I loved GTA III.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Natasha on GTA III Coming To PSN: I heard about this the other day and I am so excited! I loved GTA III....

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