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Re-Enroll In Art Academy!


If you're a longtime reader of GayGamer, you might recall that I was a big fan of a little DSiWare application called Art Academy that came in two parts which were eventually compiled into a full retail release. Well, as awesome as that game was, it looks as though New Art Academy is going to blow it out of the water!

New Art Academy
is coming for the 3DS, and will feature 32 brand-new lessons to teach you all the drawing and painting techniques you could possibly need to know to create your own masterworks. If the lessons are done the same way as the first game, they'll start off basic and teach you the fundamentals before growing so advanced that you'll be surprised at your own skills.

Also new this time are additional art materials. While the first just gave you pencil and oil paints, now you'll be able to experiment with color pencils, pastels and other accessories like Scratch Pads (to test out your brush before applying it to your canvas), a Color Wheel (to help choose just the right shade) and a blending tool (to help smooth out the pastels). Charcoal was always my favorite tool in art school, so I'm kind of excited about being able to draw with it again.

While New Art Academy is going to be appearing on the 3DS, you will not be drawing in 3D as in the recently-released Colors 3D. Here, the 3D will just be used to display your reference image, so instead of drawing from a still photo, you will feel more like you're drawing from life. Of course, the 3DS has other features besides the 3D that the game will take advantage of. For instance, additional lessons are on tap as DLC, and you'll be able to easily share your artwork with friends and family via SpotPass or SwapNote. I'd love a Facebook link, but I'm probably wasting my time wishing for that. Oh, and you'll also be able to take a photo with your 3DS and create your own drawing lesson that you can share with friends via local or online. And I'm curious about how the virtual museum of your own art will look.

As much as I enjoy the novelty of creating three-dimensional art in Colors 3D, nothing can touch Art Academy for the way it realistically recreates the look of drawing and painting with actual materials. So I'm super excited for the release of New Art Academy... whenever that might be. It comes out in Europe on July 28, but Nintendo of America would only say that it's coming soon. Hopefully very soon!

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