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Sony Enters The Cloud


Electronics giant Sony has absorbed the American cloud gaming company Gaikai for $380 million USD. Until now, Gaikai had been allowing players to stream content, including AAA graphics-heavy titles, from companies such as EA, Capcom, Sega, Ubisoft, and many more. It's not clear how the acquisition by Sony will affect the Gaikai's current business model, which includes apps for streaming games on Facebook, tablets and other mobile devices, and TVs, but it is clear that Sony wants into the cloud gaming business. Pending regulatory approval, it has.

But what does Sony intend to do with Gaikai? Rumours, of course, are swirling, but don't expect any outlandish notions of a physical-media-free future for the PlayStation brand to come true just yet; after all, in the dying days of physical media distribution, Sony has finally scored a hit with Blu-Ray (you know, writing "blu" instead of "blue" just never stops hurting...) after a string of failures from Betamax to UMD. And Sony has always leveraged being able to play movies and music as a selling point for its consoles. But for a considered analysis of what this might mean for Sony's gaming future, check out this post at Wired, which include playing your home-console games on the go, buying old school games from Sony's back library, and more.

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