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Steam Summer Sale Gets Hot (And Other Attempts At Cleverness)


Summer brings with it many wonders: For students, it offers a reprieve from the grind of college life, granting an extended opportunity to cut loose. For many of our readers, it gives a chance to enjoy the sights what those in temperate zones call "the beach" - a cornucopia of rippled pecs, rock-hard abs, and badonkadonks as far as the eyes can see. For those of us in Minnesota, it offers that ever brief window into the realm of pleasant weather, before ushering in six months of death, frost, withering plant life, death, and everyone's favorite: death.

Yet for those of us in the "sun-fearing vampire" fold, it holds a different sort of promise: the Steam Summer Sale. Featuring discounts at up to 75% - among them being F.E.A.R., Human Revolution, Civilization V, and Tales of Monkey Island - the promotion is enough to keep your little boy heart aflutter through the blazing heat that summer hath wrought. Risking an aside, of particular interest to yours truly is Spec Ops: The Line, which was shown in a screenshot on Joystiq's article at 33% off, but now finds itself with a modest 10% discount. Despite being a "modern military shooter," and thus of equal interest to whether or not KFC tastes different in Kentucky, it piqued my interest after a review from the "Zero Punctuation" series (having recently discovered the series, I seem to have found a kindred spirit in the cantankerous english enthusiast, "Yahtzee"), which notes that the game found inspiration from the book "Heart of Darkness." As cinephiles are no doubt aware, its story inspired the film "Apocalypse Now." Those interested in the full list of promotions should check the Steam website.

What do you think, gamers? Is there a particular game in Steam's magical bag of discounted wonder that strikes your fancy? Sound off in the comments section below!

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