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The '80s Make A Comeback With Double Dragon: Neon


It looks like everything old is new again, or at least it will be in September, when Double Dragon: Neon is released! An HD update to the classic '80s franchise, Double Dragon: Neon is a side-scrolling beat-em-up with a decidedly retro style. Billy and Jimmy have to save their girlfriend, and will traverse 16 different levels with five degrees of difficulty. And naturally, you can get some help from a friend with co-op play. Most curious is the fact that you can find or purchase songs that have mystical powers you can add to a mix tape. Weird.

The toony, cel-shaded graphics look a little weird... I almost wish they'd gone full-on retro and had them be super-pixellated. But if you want to check out Double Dragon: Neon for yourself, it will be releasing on the Playstation Network on September 11 for $9.99 and Xbox LIVE Arcade on September 12 for 800 Microsoft Points. So break out that old jean jacket and get working on your mullet now so you're ready!

Double Dragon Neon Screen 1.jpgDouble Dragon Neon Screen 2.jpgDouble Dragon Neon Screen 3.jpgDouble Dragon Neon Screen 4.jpgDouble Dragon Neon Screen 5.jpgDouble Dragon Neon Screen 6.jpgDouble Dragon Neon Screen 7.JPGDouble Dragon Neon Screen 8.jpgDouble Dragon Neon Screen 9.jpgDouble Dragon Neon Screen 10.jpg


Shin Gallon said:

It looks more "early 90's" than it does "80s" to me. Or more like a parody of the early 90s (which, to be fair, isn't too far off).
It looks...interesting, I'll certainly try out the demo when it hits to see if I want to drop $10 on it.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Shin Gallon on The '80s Make A Comeback With Double Dragon: Neon: It looks more "early 90's" than it does "80s" to me. Or more like a parody of the early 90s...

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