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Universal Studios To Get An Otherworld(ly) Look For Halloween

Halloween: While being the most wondrous of Holidays (suck it, Christmas), during which yours truly proclaims his allegiance to the Prince of Darkness - my "devil horns" salute mimicking the cloven hoof of my infernal master - the inevitable Halloween party/ritual ends up being met with the dull thud of disappointment. Despite the requisite materials - blood-red candles, a pentagram made of sulfur and, naturally, the tears of a spotless virgin - the whole ordeal comes to nothing more than that - the veil of mortal perception un-lifted, Lord Lucifer stubbornly un-summoned, and thus, my dreams of fast-tracking myself to the very forefront of extreme metal remaining ruefully unfulfilled. I suppose this is why we have "fun size" Snickers bars and box wine.

Universal Studios takes a less spectacular (though it must be said, more family friendly) approach to Halloween, converting their sprawling abode into a wonderland of all things dark and dreadful for "Halloween Horror Nights." This year, said dreadful darkness comes in the form of Silent Hill. As noted in the video, this is the first time Universal Studios has opted for a video game theme. While there's precious little footage of what one can expect - most of the video is divided between in-game footage, interspersed with cutaway shots of people looking distressed - Universal's stalwart narrators promised depictions of "the fog world, Otherworld, Pyramid Head, and the nurses," to whet your live-action appetite.

The spook-laden frolic "starts in September and runs through October," according to Game Informer, and will be featured at both the Orlando and Hollywood locations. The Hollywood Horror Nights site is conspicuously bare, but for those interested in a jaunt through the Otherworld this fall, one can assume that it will be updated as we get closer to September.

via Kotaku

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