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Wanted: Good SingStar DLC


Yesterday was a holiday in the US, so we all had the day off, but since the SingStar DLC comes from Europe, there was a regular fortnightly update! But even though I'm a little late telling you about it, you may not mind. I know I didn't... there wasn't anything that caught my eye this time, either.

"Nothing Ever Happens" by Del Amitri
"Always The Last To Know" by Del Amitri
"All About Tonight" by Pixie Lott
"Always" by Saliva
"Lose My Mind" by The Wanted

I don't know why they'd release that song by The Wanted instead of their first hit single "Glad You Came." Now that, I would've downloaded. This one, I don't know. And it's no fun to sing a song you don't actually know!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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