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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

Well, this past week was the Fourth of July, but I forgot that they don't celebrate that in Narnia. Guess it's not actually in America, technically. So I have to wait until New Year's Eve to get my fireworks fix. Sad, really. In other news, I got an awesome present, some good news, and some good luck! Read on, MacDuff!


I was delighted to receive another present from Nintendo with the note: "This pile of bones is sure to tickle your funny bone! What haunted display would be complete without it?" I was a little disappointed that the bones don't actually do anything except sit in a pile on the floor, but it's still another awesome addition to what will ultimately be a spectacular Halloween house come October!


Del still hadn't left, so I thought I'd have one last chat with him. He mentioned that we wouldn't be able to talk like this for much longer, and I suddenly found myself able to ask him to stay. And wouldn't you know it? The old softie crumbled under my pleas and agreed to stick around! Although he said he'd stay on as Narnia's crankiest resident, and I honestly think Octavian might have something to say about that. We should have a contest! A Crank-Off! No, wait, that sounds wrong...


Then, just a couple days later, Curly tried to leave again! Why do they keep trying? I mean, I was able to convince him to stay longer, but eventually I feel like he's going to get restless and want to go again. And someday he won't be willing to change his mind! And yet, there are plenty of other folks in town who never put up a stink about moving away. Weird.


I'll leave you with this bit of randomness from Pascal. Um, yes. Maybe you should find one, if you like clambakes. I mean, what? Sometimes I just don't get him.

Mmm... clams. Now I'm hungry!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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