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Adorable GaymerCon Co-Founder Tapes Adorable Thank You

I wrote an article asking everyone to chip in and help fund the Kickstarter for GaymerCon, and I like to think that it was my article that pushed them over the edge and led them to meet their fundraising goal so far ahead of schedule! (I know I'm delusional, but let me live in my fantasy world, okay?)

But they've added new goals, and have already reached their $35,000 goal which unlocks a GaymerConcert featuring musicians and bands appealing to our community for a night of drinking, dancing and socializing. And if they reach $60,000 by their deadline of August 31, they'll get a special "Celebrity Boss of Honor!" No, it won't be me. It'll be an actual celebrity, I would assume.

GaymerCon co-creator Jack DeVries has taped this super-adorable video message thanking everyone for their generosity and making GaymerCon happen in such record time. But with nearly a month left to raise bonus funds, there's still time to make GaymerCon even more awesome. So help a poor gay out, won't you?


Jeremy said:

He is so adorable! And I can't wait to see you guys there next year! Hurrah!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Jeremy on Adorable GaymerCon Co-Founder Tapes Adorable Thank You: He is so adorable! And I can't wait to see you guys there next year! Hurrah!...

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