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Congratulations To Mr and Mr Wootini!

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It is with the greatest of joy that we here at would like to extend a heartfelt "Congratulations" to our very own staff writer extraordinaire, Wootini. This very day, he married his long-time partner, and now-husband, in - by all accounts - an absolutely beautiful ceremony, befitting the love they share. To top it all off, they did it on their 20th anniversary. My icy heart has grown three times this day.

Apart from being a sterling gentleman, Wootini is, as the kids might say, an absolute tank when it comes to posting here. And not some plain-old tank, either; rather, some manner of crazy-ass WWII Allied tank, both handsome and relentless, to which we here owe a debt of gratitude.

There is no word on where the happy couple will be honeymooning, though the smart money is on Narnia.

Of course, there is no way that only one of us would want to get his two cents in on this post, so follow along after the jump to read the thoughts of my fellow writers.

Dryden (who writes with much greater brevity and clarity than I can hope to, finding his way swiftly to the mot juste):

People I know need to stop growing up and getting married, it makes the rest of us look like manbabies in the light of their radiant adulthood. Seriously though, Chris, you're pretty much synonymous with Gaygamer at this point, so for you to tie the knot is kind of a big deal for all of us. Congratulations!

Our little girl is growing up. *casually wipes away a tear*

Super Swede (who writes with far more poesy than I could ever muster):

If there's one thing that can be said about Wootini, it's that he's a rather fetching young lad: showcasing his pinchable cheeks, toned arms, and what my grandmother probably would have called, "abs that simply do not end," for the benefit of the internet at large. Stranger still, despite being a chiseled monument to the Y chromosome, he happens to be genuinely nice - and I say this from the uninhabitable tundra that is Minnesota: a place where feigning pleasantness is an art form unto itself.

Indeed, having already drowned Gaia in a sea of straight-lady tears, our comrade now turns his attention to the world of men - and in entering the sacred union of matrimony, consigns all Mandom to the cruel realization that he is, at long last, completely unattainable.

Yet something crawls into the heartspace of yours truly: a sensation that sages of old once called "joy." Having been fortunate enough to share Wootini's company on the site - during which I've developed quite a fondness for him, his rather impressive work ethic, and his effortless charm - I couldn't be happier to see one of my fellow writers begin the rest of his life, with the one he loves.

So congratulations to Chris and his lovely man! May your days be filled with giddiness, your night be filled with loveliness - and of course, may the arrhythmic tapping of fingers on buttons ring out in your humble abode, until the two of you go splendidly, splendidly mad.


Silver Phoenix said:

No picture? Lame.

Congratulations anyway!

Nick said:

Congrats!!!! Post pics of the awesome event!

Simon said:

Congratulations, guys! X

Wootini said:

Awwww... YOU GUYS! :-D

(You can see a pic of us I posted on Twitter... and there might be footage in my podcast Monday... ;-)

Prelimar said:

congratulations! this year is me and my partner's 20th, too, and what do we have planned? nothing nearly as wonderful as this. you have raised the bar for our 25th, i say!

Silver Phoenix said:

I don't use Twatter.

Fablesinger said:

Oh, Goodness! Congratulations!

Bill said:


SadClown said:

Fantastic news! Congratulations Wootini and thank you for being such a positive role model for your fellow gay gamers!

Dami said:

Congratulations~ I hope the best for the both of you~

Branovices said:

Saw the picture on your twitter yesterday, congratulations! Hopefully some day me and my partner of 9 years can do the same.

Still, yayyyy!

benwa said:

Hey Guys, great news! I hope you can double your time together. It's so nice to hear stable gay men can and do decide to spend their lives together. Well done!and congratz!

NitsudR said:

Congratulations!!! awesome news!! i hope they have many more happy years together!

Gabriel said:

Wootini! I'm so happy for you!!! I've kinda been a lurker around here, but I've always loved and remember you from when you did that Wii Fit weight loss experiment. I didn't even know you were getting married but it's great news! Wish you guys the best! Ohhh your husband is so lucky! ;)

Chris Sherbak said:

Congratulations guys - all the best!

ringoxcore said:


Tariray said:


oh i am so so happy for you!
I hope all your AC buddies give you purple cherries for a present!

HUZZAH! And congratulations, good sirs! I wish you much continued happiness and joy. ^__^

VoiceOfGosh said:

Wootini (Chris) and Husband Frank,

Oh my gosh, I didn't even know that that much fluid could be stored in my head! I cried at all the things! I'm still sniffly, too.

I am always excited to see contemporary gay men joining together in marriage. It brings me so much joy to see such a beautiful marriage happen to one of my favorite people on the internet! You two look like you have so much love for each other. I wish you both only the happiest of times!

Loyal Fanman,


aka Gabriel

P.S. Thanks for the Borderlands game from eons ago! Maybe there should be another poetry contest! ;)

g_whiz said:

Absolutely awesome news. Congrats, Gents.

Chris said:


I wish you two the best, and a lot of love, I'm happy for you guys.

Nick said:

Huge congrats to both of you!

Dns said:

Many congratulations on your wedding, Wootini!

Alex Chapas said:

Heartfelt congratulations to both of you!!!!!!

Sach said:


Janvier said:

Congratulations! This is such wonderful news to hear! Many happy years to come to the both of you!

Kevin said:

Congratulations to you both!

Orion said:

Happy days and best wishes!

Daniel K said:


Wishing you many (more) years of happiness and mad-gaming together! :D

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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