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Resident Evil Gets Social

Capcom has proudly announced that Resident Evil 6 has gone gold, so it's well on track for its October 2 release date, which they are now swearing is 100% confirmed at this point. And they would also like everyone to know about their new ResidentEvil.Net service.

RE.Net is a free online service to enhance your RE6 experience through stat tracking, leaderboards and more. You can link your account with Twitter and Facebook and share your game with your friends — and also be alerted when your score has been beaten by one of them!

A free smartphone app is scheduled to launch along with the service, with support for iOS, Android and Windows platforms. There will be organized events, where you can team up to defeat a set number of enemies or take a high score in Mercenaries Mode. And a Champion Belt, which can be held by only one person, so you're gonna want to hang on to that if you manage to get it!

Competing in events and just connecting to the service will earn you RE.Net points that can be exchanged for special items like extra Mercenaries costumes or figures for a Resident Evil diorama. (?!)

ResidentEvil.Net will launch alongside Resident Evil 6 on October 2, and you can find more information on all the various features in the snazzy video Capcom has released to show it off.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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