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Space Invaders: Feeding Your God Complex Since 1978

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There are three (and only three) things that can bring a smile to the face of yours truly. One is the gentle, serene purr of a kitten; another, the carefree laugh of a bright-eyed little scamp. Yet standing above them all - it's long, dark shadow and sunken eyes locked in a perpetual smirk - is the specter of black humor. Forsaking marriage, periods, airplane food, or any bit of trite fodder in favor of a juxtaposition of darkness and deadpan absurdity (link not entirely safe for work), such comedic loveliness positively tickles the fancy of yours truly.

Luckily, the internet doth provide, and for those of us who sail the S.S. Grim through the grey, murky waters of existential folly, Dorkly has adapted the story of Space Invaders into the aptly named, "The Invader." Following one of our blocky friends on an odyssey from birth to death, this melancholy comic paints a portrait of innocence lost, the futility of war, and naturally, the fundamental wickedness of Space Invaders fans.

So for those unafraid of the terror man hath wrought, click this link to check out The Invader!

Image via Destructoid

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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