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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

Well, I had some fun this week, but also a rather unpleasant surprise. Oh, and of course the usual weirdness. Read on!


Okay, so you know how I've decided that adorable simian Simon is my new BFF? Well, naturally I'm constantly chatting him up to keep him happy, and that means that he'll eventually ask me do do him a solid and deliver a package. Of course, I quickly agree to be his lap dog because, you know, keeping them happy and all that... But then I go and deliver the package to Del, and he's all overcome because it's such an expensive gift. What the heck is Simon doing giving nice gifts to Del? What about me? Where's my expensive gift? *sniff*


As a runner, I know this to be factually true. I just hope that Pascal didn't do any permanent damage to his brain with this revelation...


I was kind of taken aback when I got a letter from Gabi saying that she'd moved away. I didn't even know that it was a possibility! This happens sometimes when I don't run into someone for a while. If you don't chat with people, you miss out on current events — like people planning to move! It shouldn't be such a big loss, as Gabi hasn't been around for all that long, but I was kind of fond of her. Not only was she an adorable bunny, but she has the same name as my adorable niece. Oh well.


Um, no, Gwen. Actually, I don't have any problem staying away from you. In fact, I'd stayed away for long enough that when I tried talking to you, you were all dismissive and divalicious saying, "Oh, nice to see you, stranger. But I don't have time for you right now. Laters!" So when I ran into you again shortly thereafter, I tried to say hi again and this is what I get. It's a wonder anyone talks to you at all!

Also? That skin shirt is not even remotely flattering on you. (I really need to take that out of the Able Sisters' shop... it's super creepy when it shows up... and people really seem to like it!)


The summer weather has its perks, but the lack of rain is a little irritating (I could use the break from keeping up my hybrid flower beds), and there's that other pesky thing: The bugs. Like the cicadas weren't noisy enough, and the giant honking beetles clinging to the trees ready to pounce as soon as you walk nearby weren't terrifying enough, there's the effing tarantulas to deal with! I know this photo looks like I was running after it, as if to try and capture it, but that's just the instant that my reflex kicked in and I took a picture. Immediately following, I ran like a girl in the other direction! They're scary!


I read these to learn more from the Bible of Pascal. :D

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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