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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

We got a new townsperson today, and I'm beginning to have some unsettling suspicions about my new "BFF" Simon... I'll tell you more in a second...


Things started off pretty well when I found a four-leaf clover while doing my daily gardening rounds. They're quite rare, but I never feel the luck. If only you could sell them for copious amounts of bells. I mean, the dang things are rare enough, but they're not worth anything! How the heck does that work?


Once again, I totally thought that Benedict was a girl until he spoke and I realized he was a boy. Oops! It's the fancy plumage! I couldn't tell! Anyway, he seems okay, but honestly, I didn't really get much of an impression one way or the other. We'll just have to wait and see.


Sigh. Honestly, I have the attention span of a two-year-old. I ran into the Mayor during the afternoon, and when he told me it was going to be the final fireworks show of the summer that night, I made a mental note to come back and watch and take pictures. Unfortunately, that mental note got lost completely and I never went back. So I missed the fireworks. I seriously only saw one show this whole summer, and that's just because I couldn't visit during the day, and came out of my house during the evening and was like, "What the heck is that noise and all those weird flashing lights?" Seriously.


So in my ongoing quest to make Simon like me so much he never ever even thinks about moving away, I happily agreed to deliver another present for his lazy ass. This time is was a carpet for Octavian, who — just like Del last week — was overwhelmed by the generosity of Simon's gift and declared he'd have to have a talk with that silly simian about such expensive presents. And again, I'm the delivery boy/shmuck. Where's my expensive present, Simon? Huh? Where?! Not that I'm jealous or anything... don't be silly...


The number of townspeople wearing that stupid skin shirt finally drove me to the Able Sisters to make one of my own to replace it. If it's not on display in the store anymore, people won't wear it anymore and I won't be creeped out anymore. At least, that's the plan. But watch one person wearing it to continue passing it along to other people in town! Wouldn't that be just my luck? You can't tell from this picture, but it's a black shirt with the Kylie "K" in pink. Unfortunately, I never got the hang of adjusting my designs for the stretch of the shirt across the chest. So it looks a little stretched out. But whatever. At least it's not a skin shirt!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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