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GLAAD And GaymerCon Encourage Gaymers To Wear Purple For "Spirit Day"

Spirit Day: To some, it is the highest of high holidays: A time when the Wiccan Goddess teams up with Odin to rein in rogue elements of the spectral plane - those whole walk the Earth, devouring the life essence of all with whom they come in contact, so as to sustain their ghastly form for yet another year - and generally become the Pagan equivalent of a buddy cop movie. For everyone else, it has to do with bullying: of particular note, GLBT bullying. To raise awareness, GaymerCon and GLAAD have teamed up for the "Gaymers Go Purple" campaign, encouraging GLBT gamers (and supporters) to don their purple attire on October 19th, as a show of support for this most spirited of days.

As Conn & Co. note in the video, GLBT gamers tend to have it quite rough. Thus, the kids at GaymerCon are holding a contest for Spirit Day, asking the great A.V. club that is the internet to submit videos explaining why they are wearing purple, and to tell their respective stories of growing up as gaymer - and naturally, any experiences one had with bullying. Those wishing to participate have until Oct. 12th, and simply need to make a response to the above video; said response should be less than five minutes in length. Naturally, contestants must also be wearing purple (in some way).

As is customary with this whole "contest" business, there shall be prizes. As posted by the GaymerCon:

Staff Pick

Grand Prize: 250GB Xbox 360 signed by XBLive team!
3 Runner ups: Boomphones "Phantom" High def headset (
5 Notable mention: General Access Badge to GaymerCon 2013!

Popularity Vote (Likes)

Grand Prize: 250GB Xbox 360 signed by XBLive team!

Unfortunately, for those in the "sexy, foreign accent" crowd, winners outside the U.S. will need to pay for international shipping. So if you're feeling competitive, or simply want to spread awareness about Spirit Day, set sail upon the Good Ship Internet and check out Gaymers Go Purple!

via GaymerCon Blog

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