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Monopoly Celebrates Alan Turing


As students of history know, Alan Turing has become something a folk hero to the gay community. Hal recently wrote an excellent overview of Turing's accomplishments (which all should read), including the famed Turing Machine, as well as his efforts to crack the Nazis' Enigma Machine -- a boon to Allied forces that helped to seal victory in World War II. Unfortunately, Turing also became something of a martyr: a victim of the UK's draconian anti-homosexuality laws, Turing's public shame was eclipsed only by his punishment - chemical castration, on pain of imprisonment. He died of cynadine poisoning, presumed suicide, suicide in 1954.

Evidently, he was also fond of Monopoly - albeit a slightly tweaked version. Now, in the interest of tapping a rather niche market, a new version of Monopoly is set to be released, based on Turing's life. According to the BBC, "The board's London landmarks, and its Community and Chance cards, have been swapped for places and events important in Turing's life."

In addition, the game also comes with a "special edition" board: a facsimile of the one played by Turing himself, based on a variant of Monopoly, created by William Newman. His father, Max Newman was a colleague of Turing at Manchester University, and the former's influence on Turing helped him to flourish, eventually leading to the conception of his legendary machine. To help with fundraising, Google purchased 1,000 copies of the game, donating them to Bletchley Park, "the wartime centre of the Allied code-cracking effort." The Bletchley Park Trust is currently in possession of the board on which the "special edition" is based, and is responsible for "bringing this board to life."

So kudos to the creators of the game, and as a rather painful shout-out to a massive corporation (Christ, it burns), thanks to Google for helping to raise awareness of one who deserves the utmost kudos - a largely unsung hero of his era (have I mentioned that he helped to defeat the f*cking Nazis?), and a brilliant mind whose potential was cut short by a bigotry that remains with us to this very day - Alan Turing. In the words of the philosopher Cicero, "You were pretty cool, bro."

via BBC News

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