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Monster Hunter 4 Gets New Trailer, News On Multiplayer

As a simple statement of fact, I adore Monster Hunter. Yes, it's mind-numbingly tedious. Yes, the sheer amount of ingredient mixing is enough to qualify me as an alchemist. Indeed, the whole of the game could aptly be described as "kill large monsters, in the interest of one day being able to kill larger monsters, ad infinitum," thus condemning gamers to the kind of fate typically reserved for those that roused the anger of Zeus. No, that does not bother me.

Yet on the PSP front, one glaring omission stands out: online multiplayer. It's a rather obnoxious thing - particularly in a game where tactics are paramount - and while i've considered the argument that North America isn't exactly Monster Hunter City, one still yearns for cooperative play.

Hopefully, for 3DS owners, this trend will be bucked with Monster Hunter 4, as Game Informer reports that Capcom has confirmed online multiplayer for the game. Whether this will include us smelly North Americans was not explicitly stated, but one can hope that Lady Japan will dote be kind - contemptible wretches that we are, struggling under the weight of our sheer girth to even lumber down to the local GameStop - and bless us with gift of digital togetherness. While we wait for her grace, be sure to check out the TGS trailer (posted above) for Monster Hunter 4!


Bearfamily said:

Oddly up to 36 seconds, this stuck me as an advert for a new Zelda title.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Bearfamily on Monster Hunter 4 Gets New Trailer, News On Multiplayer: Oddly up to 36 seconds, this stuck me as an advert for a new Zelda title....

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