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Wasteland 2 In-Game Footage Makes Its Way Onto The Internet

Having spent six years in a Missouri Synod Lutheran school, it goes without saying that yours truly has an innate affinity for giant scorpions, and the general "post-apocalyptic hellscape" that serves as the setting for Wasteland 2 - never mind the welcome throwback to that lovely isometric perspective. Yet its digital (prospective) splendor has only existed in the form of screenshots. Luckily, the internet doth provide.

During a speech at Unite 2012 in Amsterdam, Brian Fargo spoke about the benefits of game development "without corporate interruption." Productivity had been increased, a** been kicked, and naturally, the ruins of civilization rendered on the computer screen. Said ruins were showcased in the form of a video - one to which our plebeian eyes were not privy - giving gamers a more tangible idea of what Fargo & Co. had dreamed up after being left to their own devices. Now, a gracious YouTube user has uploaded in-game video from the event (coming in at just over a minute) for the viewing pleasure of the aforementioned plebs. It will be interesting to see more in-game footage as the months wear on, but in the meantime, check out the above video for the manifestation of Fargo & Co.'s digital lovechild, Wasteland 2!

via VG247

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