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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

What a crazy week! There was a lot going on, then there was nothing going on, and then it was normal. You'll see what I mean after the break!


Things got off to a fun start when I got a package from Nintendo with another spooky furniture item in it! The letter read: "When you display this item in your place, does it make you feel like someone's watching you? Creepy..." And it is creepy! And I know every single time I get a new one of these, I say that I should get rid of the gold furniture and put out all the Halloween items, but I never do. It's just so much work! Of course, October is just around the corner, so I should probably at least start doing it in little batches...


I was walking around on Monday and was like, "What the heck is the mayor doing wandering around outside?" Then I remembered it was Labor Day. Love that he celebrates Labor Day when he doesn't actually do anything that I can see. He's always asleep at his desk! Anyway, he was giving out picnic baskets to commemorate the occasion. But I've already got one, so I didn't really care. I took one just to be polite, of course...


If you're wondering why Curly was buttering me up, it was because he wanted to come over and check out my place to see why I was so fabulous. A totally natural reaction to my awesomeness, I suppose. Of course, when you try to invite them over immediately, nobody ever wants to do that. They're all "Oh, I need time to prepare" and whatever. Like they're going to change their clothes or something. So I told him to swing by in a couple hours.


For me, the trick was remembering to be home at 7:30 when I told him to come by. It's like the fireworks. I never remember to go back. On the plus side, my bf set his phone alarm when I mentioned it, so he was actually able to remind me to go welcome my visitor! I knew he was good for something! Oh, wait. He's my husband now, not my bf! Oops!


Of course all Curly did when he got there was walk around and be judgmental about everything. He gave me four out of five stars, like his opinion means anything. It's not like he works for the HRA or anything. Although I suppose if I didn't have such a complete and total mish-mosh of styles clashing in my home, he would've given me that fifth star...


I had to wait patiently for Curly to get bored enough to leave. I know if I'd tried to leave, it would've made him realize he had to go, too, but I didn't want to force him out. It was okay, though, because it only took like, five minutes or so before he was like, "I'm out!" I'm glad the visit went well, though, because I like Curly. He's fun. And I can't even remember the last time someone came by for a visit! I miss that.


Oh yeah, and the next day, he totally sent me a thank you gift. I think it was some kind of wallpaper. Don't remember which kind. I just sold it to Nook. Don't tell him, though, because he'll think I'm ungrateful!


I was super psyched towards the end of the week when it rained a few days in a row. That meant I didn't have to water all the plants and could just hang out. Or just go and play Rock Band Blitz or something instead... :-)


Oh man, I can't even imagine what my mom's poem would be like. The mind boggles. I do like her seasonal stationery, though! Very pretty! I'd like it as a wallpaper!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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