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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

This was a pretty fun week in Narnia. Mostly because fun stuff happened and I managed to avoid any drama!


The week started off on a sketchy note when Kiki told me she was thinking about moving. I know I talked last week about wondering if I could get all the girls to move away and have a town full of boys, but I decided to ask her to stick around. Her mind didn't seem totally made up, so I gave it a shot.


I got the next piece of furniture from Nintendo this week, too! The letter read: "Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble... Make your own witch's brew in this item! Or, if you prefer, a nice vegetable stew." Obviously, when you open the package, it's a creepy cauldron. I mean, what else could it have been? It's totally awesome, but the only problem is that Nookington's doesn't stock eye of newt... and I don't have a newt living in my town, either... what to do?


Remember how I made that Kylie logo T-shirt to put in place of the skin shirt in the Able Sisters? Well, someone wearing the skin shirt is still running around town sharing it with everyone! And I'm pretty sure it's Gwen. I thought I saw her going over to talk to Simon, and then I heard some whistling, and the next time I saw Simon, he was happily skipping around wearing a GD skin shirt! Seriously? Are you even kidding me with this? How do I get this to stop? Why does everyone love this awful skin shirt?!?


I was pleasantly surprised to get a little letter from my mom, and even more pleasantly surprised to find a gift attached along with it. The only thing is, when I opened the present, it was a cardboard box. So... not really sure why mom thought I really needed that. But... um... thanks, I guess?


The whole week went by, and Kiki was still around, so I thought I'd check in to see where her head was at. Turns out, she still hadn't decided, and she asked me what she thought she should do. I told her not to go, and she very happily agreed to stay. I know I said I wanted to try to have an all-boy town, but I kind of like Kiki. Where else am I gonna go when I want to kiki with someone? She's a natural!


Merry asked me to deliver a present to Curly, and of course, because he's one of the few townspeople not wearing that creepy skin shirt, she sends him a new outfit. To replace the perfectly nice Spider-Man shirt my husband designed ages ago. Curly seemed really happy, even though it's a strawberry shirt that makes him look rather ridiculous, and apparently doesn't fit. Merry should have taken the fact that Curly is a pig into consideration when shopping for a present. It's okay, though — Curly said that he would wear it all over town... he'd just be sure not to swallow.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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