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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

Kind of a fun, eventful week in Narnia. Nothing bad happened, just fun. Although I was a little concerned about Octavian. I know he's a cranky old octopus, but I'm starting to think he's having some memory issues. I mean, yeah, Pancake came to visit a while back... but that was like, well over a year or more ago. I mean, it certainly wasn't recent. Unless Pancake's been sneaking into town without me knowing about it. I should probably have a talk with Copper...


Although I was impressed that Gwen seems to be on top of things. Sometimes these animals say completely random things that don't make any sense, but amazingly enough, she was talking about wanting to take the bus into the city and checking the bus schedules... while standing next to the bus stop. So I guess I don't have to worry about her!


Occasionally, I'll see the little gold lamp sitting by the river, but I usually pass it up because Wisp doesn't show up until later on in the evening to ask you to help him find it. But this time I was walking around late enough, and Wisp popped up and scared the heck out of me! Of course, I'd seen his lamp up by the river, so it was easy enough to just go grab it and give it back to him.


You have to go to your attic bedroom to give it back to him, for some reason. Maybe he's so embarrassed at having lost his lamp, he's afraid someone will see you giving it back to him? Whatever. I asked for clothes this time because I needed a new look. I mean, I've been wearing that New Year's shirt since... well, New Years! I'm just not a fashionista who needs to change their look every other week. Wisp gave me this beaded shirt, and... well, I guess I could wear it for a while. Maybe I could find some sunglasses or something to go with...


There was also a lovely meteor shower one evening this week. They're so infrequent that I forget about them, and I walk out of the house and I'm like, "What is that weird noise?" Then I remember and look up to see the stars twinkling out of the sky. I always wonder where they land. Hopefully not in the city!


I still feel like I should mail Gwen a new shirt so she'll stop giving the skin shirt to everyone, but at least now I've seen a couple people in my Kylie design. I was walking around and heard the little tinkle sound effect and heard whistling, so I immediately ran around looking to see who'd exchanged clothes. But luckily it was just Curly having given the Spidey shirt to Benedict. Phew! I don't mind that one!


Karrde said:

You know, the way you phrase it, the skin shirt sounds like some kind of nasty STD XD

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Karrde on Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary: You know, the way you phrase it, the skin shirt sounds like some kind of nasty STD XD...

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