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Dance Central 3 Gets Style... Gangnam Style


Just before the release of Dance Central 3, Harmonix kind of stopped releasing DLC for Dance Central 2. I totally understood, because you want to get people hyped up for the new sequel. But now that DC3 is out, I was hoping they'd get back on a regular schedule with new tracks and new dances. And they are!

While there's no actual firm release dates for anything, Harmonix is promising more DLC in the coming months including the are-you-sick-of-it-yet "Gangnam Style" from Psy, and the already-sick-of-it-but-now-it's-fun-again "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen. (Okay, I will cop to having bought that for SingStar. And I will totally get it for Dance Central.)

More tracks are coming from Justin Bieber, One Direction, LMFAO and other hit makers. Although they already have "Sexy And I Know It," so I guess they'll just release that other LMFAO song and then they're done, right? They don't have any others, do they? Oh, and of course, there will be authentic choreography, which you know means that there will be saddle riding in "Gangnam Style!" Yes! I'm so there!


Keith said:

Blech... that's all terrible.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Keith on Dance Central 3 Gets Style... Gangnam Style: Blech... that's all terrible....

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