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Jon St. John Tackles Fifty Shades Of Grey, Duke-Style

Life is full of simple pleasures. For some, joy of a sunrise. For others, the loving embrace of a significant other. Then there is the sound of Duke Nukem reading "Fifty Shades of Grey."

Indeed, having flown under my radar - I had discovered it while watching a recent installment of "Best Friends Play" (a series of which I've become most fond), and my interest in the book could be measured only in microns - the video showcases actor Jon St. John at a ConnectiCon 2012 panel. Team Four Star challenged Mr. St. John to read a small selection from the book, thus entering into a world of lust, sexy toys, and generally, desires that dare not speak their name - not even in the manly voice of Duke Nukem - for the benefit of the the internet.

The video is NSFW - references to the aforementioned "sexy toys" made, and the most fun of four-letters uttered with due emphasis - and at just under two and a half minutes, it's a brief, yet lovely affair. So enjoy the above video, and the rather odd fact that Jon St. John is, despite being the voice of Testosterone with Legs, quite adorable.


hrnball said:

that is one of my favorite videos, but here is one with better audio.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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hrnball on Jon St. John Tackles Fifty Shades Of Grey, Duke-Style: that is one of my favorite videos, but here is one with better audio.

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