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NYCC '12: Remember Me


Capcom's Remember Me is still to early on in production to have a playable built, but they did have a panel at New York Comic Con 2012 to show off some artwork and gameplay videos to whet everyone's appetites for it. Senior Producer Mat Hart and Lead Artist Aleksi Briclot talked everyone through the basics of design and storytelling, and judging by the crowd reaction, they got the attention of their audience!

Remember Me takes place in Neo Paris in the year 2084, where you'll play Nilin, an elite memory hunter. See, in the future, memories are stored and traded like you would a photo on social media. And Nilin can steal, implant or change memories as the situation calls for it. Neo Paris is broken up into three sections to explore: Deep-Paris (underground slums), Mid-Paris (streets) and High-Paris (immaculate penthouses and towers).

During a sequence of gameplay they showed footage of, Nilin parkoured her way around some rooftops, and AR icons appeared on objects that were interactive or ledges you can jump to or climb up. This is part of Nilin's implant, that she can see these icons, and it's sure to help you navigate the world around you. The combat footage was impressive, and more so when they explained that the combo system is completely customizable. They showed off a combo that will actually restore Nilin's health with each attack, and then another that sped up the cool-down on a special power move so she can use it again sooner. There's an entire menu where you can create your own combo moves that will give you the exact results you want. Of course, you could always just use the combos the game gives you to start with, but why not experiment?

They also showed off some footage of Nilin remixing someone's memories. She was tasked with killing someone, but instead of just shooting them, Nilin hung outside of his office window, jacked into his brain and changed his memories until he was so distraught that he shot himself dead. The memory is presented in a more abstract way, with the characters in a very dreamlike, cubist environment. The memory she found was one where his girlfriend/lover/wife left him, and he was angry and threw a bottle at the door as she slammed it. So Nilin rewound the memory back to the point before he grabbed the bottle and knocked the bottle on the floor instead. She also turned off the safety on his pistol, also on the table. So when he got up this time, he slipped on the bottle, causing the woman to laugh at him. Angry, he grabbed the gun and aimed, but she put the safety back on and stormed out again. The final time, Nilin rewound and removed the safety entirely. So this time, he accidentally shoots her dead as they struggle for the gun. Back in the real world, believing that he had killed the woman he loves, the guy shoots himself.

I thought the memory remixing was fascinating, and could make for some very creative gameplay if there are multiple solutions to each problem. Otherwise, it'll just amount to poking around until you find the right combination of things you have to change to get the result you want. However, I was a little disturbed by the crowd reaction to some of this footage. I fully expected everyone to cheer the violence during the combat sequences, especially when she would perform a finishing move that overloads their memories, shooting a shower of pixels out of their foreheads like blood. But the cheer that erupted out of the crowd around me when the woman was accidentally shot in the memory kind of creeped me out. It was a bit unsettling. On the plus side, in the footage, Nilin didn't seem too happy to be doing what she was doing, so I'm thinking maybe this is early on before she stands up and does her own thing?

All that aside, Remember Me is looking very intriguing, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing more about it as we head into next year when it's due to be released during Q1 2013.

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