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Internet Provides Awful Sequel To Equally Awful "Takeshi's Challenge"

There are many reasons that video games get made. Some find their origins in the passion of their developers; some, from the pursuit of the almighty dollar. Then there are games born purely out of malice. Takeshi's Challenge, a mid-eighties Famicon title, falls into the latter camp: being known not only as one of the worst games of all time, but one of the most intentionally absurd.

The game was conceived by Japanese actor and comedian Takeshi Kitano, a man who decided to express his contempt for video games in the most fitting way imaginable: lending his talents to the creation of a video game. The legend goes that he made it his mission to sabotage the project that bore his namesake: a drink-fueled Kitano would propose bizarre and idiotic ideas to designer Taito which, for reasons known only to its development team - one might suspect this was due to the fact that his name was the main selling point for Takeshi's challenge - repeatedly failed to contradict his ridiculous suggestions. As a result, the finished product was full of haphazard design, broken mechanics, and interminably-long tasks that served no purpose other than to punish gamers for their purchase. Unfortunate gamers were subject to an extended karaoke game (in which they had to blow into the controller, as it could not register pitch), a side scrolling "hang glider" section in which the player could move down (but not up), minor decisions that prevented one from getting the ending, and a treasure map that would only materialize if the player did not touch the controls for an entire hour. Indeed, the game was so obtuse as to warrant not one, but two strategy guides - the second being created by a different writer, as the man who made the first guide had since died - which still resulted in Taito receiving about 400 complaints per day. In the end, the game was either a rather callous middle finger to consumers, or a rather brilliant bit of comedy: Kitano's way of making his point that video games are a waste of time, by intentionally wasting the time of gamers who, undeterred, would fritter away their free time trying to beat his digital abomination.

In the spirit of the this Takeshi's Challenge, we have Challenge from Kiyoshi: a sort of tribute to Takeshi Kitano and his late 80's troll-fest. According to Destructoid:

The developers at 8BitsFanatics (Tempura of the Dead, Aban Hawkins and the 1,001 Spikes) are in the "revere" camp. That's why they put together a Challenge from Kiyoshi (starring Meat Kiyoshi), a tribute/sequel to Takeshi's Challenge that harnesses the essence of the original game without directly copying it. The game is stressful, ridiculous, and filled with awfulness, but in a whole new way. It's much more straightforward, ditching the non-linear style for a more action-packed, obstacle-course approach. There are also punch/kick combos, super jumps, and boss fights, which give the game a more conventional appeal.

For you "desperate completionist" camp, the game can be downloaded for free at this link. So sit back, keep your Xanax prescription handy, and enjoy (if such a word is appropriate) the eight kinds of frustrating that is Challenge from Kiyoshi!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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