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Video: Nintendo Direct Animal Crossing 3DS Extravaganza!

Nintendo released this epic Nintendo Direct video feature focusing on the upcoming Nintendo 3DS game Animal Crossing: Jump Out. Now, I have no idea what anyone is saying, but I can't resist watching more footage of a game I can't wait to play! Now, the video itself is over 45 minutes, and obviously true fans will want to watch the whole thing, but I'll hit the high points for the rest of you here!

I love all the different ways you can decorate your house, and it looks like clothing design will become even more detailed. All the designers are there to talk about it, but I don't know what they're saying. Looks like the same kinds of flowers, sadly. I was hoping for some new ones. I like the bushes, though. Gives some dimension to the yards. I can't tell you what a thrill it's going to be the first time I walk into town hall and sit down at the mayor's desk! And from this footage, it seems like there's going to be a lot more options as far as customizing your town, with lamps, benches and topiary. That'll go a long way towards making your town different from your friends'. The megaphone is interesting. You can apparently use the 3DS microphone to talk directly to your townsfolk. And I would assume your visitors, so everyone will have voice chat this time.

Upstairs at the museum looks like further collections beyond the bugs, paintings, bones and fish. There's a room for gyroids, and another that says "I Love Sushi" on the sign, but seems to have fish inside. Not sure why these fish are different. Nook sells all the household stuff like fences, doors, etcetera. And it looks like Dr. Shrunk is back, with even more emotions to choose from. There's a photo booth where it looks like you can have an ID card made, but I want to be able to take pictures everywhere...

There's also a scene where it appears that you can put furniture with your custom designs on sale in a shop, much in the way you can with your custom clothes with the Able Sisters. So I give it about two days before all the obscene furniture designs show up. I will say that drawing with the stylus is going to be way easier than using the Wiimote! And then you can put your design on literally everything in your house. Or mix and match your designs, since having the same design on everything would be a bit overpowering. Unless that's your thing!

It appears that the area north of your town is where the StreetPass stuff goes. So after you StreetPass someone, you can pop into their house and nose around to check out their designs. I can't wait to see how clever everyone gets.

K.K. Slider is back doing his shows, but the guy has also expanded to become a DJ, spinning tracks in a club. So there is dancing in this Animal Crossing game? Awesome. Dance Party in my town! Woo hoo! Another character making a reappearance is Kapp'n, who seems to ferry you (and your friends, apparently) out to an island, like in the original GameCube Animal Crossing. It looks like you can collect rare items there, shop at an island store and run around a hedge maze and play other games with your pals. Seems like this is where Tortimer retired to as well! I wonder if you'll be able to go by yourself, or if you can only visit the island while linked with a friend, so it's something special...

I may not know exactly what everyone in this video was talking about, but just looking at all the footage has me salivating for a game that I know I'm not going to be able to play until maybe spring 2013 at the earliest. Also, can I just say that if they bring that Animal Crossing 3DS XL over to the US, there will be no way I can resist blowing all my money on it, even though my red 3DS works perfectly well. It's just that cute!


Ben said:

I loved all of the new info!

There are actually some new flowers. I noticed at least two new breeds. Also, they sparkle when they've been watered, and you can actually see the water dripping off them this time, so you know which one you're watering.

There are also new fruits, like bananas, durian, persimmons, lemons, mangoes, and maybe more.

That upstairs section to the museum is a customizeable gallery area. We can put rotating exhibits up there. Basically more storage options for your junk. They are completely open to whatever you want to put in them. That designer lady just happened to have a gyroid room, and she...loves sushi, LOL.

It sure gives us more options than storing all that junk in our houses.

Speaking of that, we're now allowed to customize the house. Choosing what rooms to add, where to put them, and what size they are.

The streetpass plaza looks interesting. You can get items like balloons, pinwheels, and ice cream from people. Also, check out their houses. One other bit, is in the little city area, there's a "massage" lady...she looks like an anteater. When you get a massage, you go into a "dream world" where you visit someone's town who you've streetpassed. You can do whatever you want, like chop down trees and explore. But, nothing actually happens in their real village. I guess it's a compromise for those who don't want to let strangers in their towns for fear of destruction or hacking.

The dance/comedy club looks really great! They'll have themed nights like "NES night" where they play chiptune versions of K.K. songs. I hope they have some actual NES music in there too, that would be awesome!

I'm with you on the island...I hope you are allowed to visit and play by yourself in case you aren't online with friends.

This game really seems to be the "best of" Animal Crossing. They have combined almost every single thing from all previous games, and added more. I'm really looking forward to this.

It just might be the one I play for years like you've been doing. Speaking of that...what will you do once this comes out? Will you continue playing in Narnia, or will you move over to "Jump Out"?

joe said:

If you turn on google translate and subtitle, you can make out most of what's going on with the english subs.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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