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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

It's starting to look a bit like fall in Narnia. The leaves haven't started to change color, but the grass is looking a little less green than usual. But enough of that nonsense — it's a busy week and we've got a lot to cover, so settle in and let's go!


Benedict surprised me with plans to move away, and I asked him to stick around, if only because the guy just freakin' moved into town! I mean, how can you form an opinion so quickly? Take off your coat and stay a while, why don't you?


This was the week of errands, if you can believe it. Gwen wanted something retro for her house, and the only thing I could think of was the retro TV. I'm sure there is some other furniture that would be considered retro, but I didn't want to mess around, so I went to Nook and ordered the one thing in my catalog I knew would fit the bill.


Well, it seems like Axel is really fond of my Kylie T-shirt design. He told me how much he loved it, then promised to run around town and market the heck out of it. Although I guess he fell down on the job, because by the end of the week, nobody else was wearing it. He didn't run around and share it like Gwen shares the skin shirt...


Sometimes the holidays are so random that I forget they even exist. I mean, why are we celebrating the Harvest Moon? It doesn't look any different than the normal moon. It just means that the Mayor has to go hang around all day outside of the Town Hall and give away wheat bundles to everyone. (Although I do love the wheat bundle because it makes a cool shuffling sound when you walk through it...)


I got my letter of warning from Jack, which also serves as a heads up to start hoarding candy so you can play the Halloween game and get furniture. Luckily, I already have the whole set, so I don't have to waste my time! I mean, I'll probably still talk to Jack just for fun, but not to get furniture!


Speaking of Halloween furniture, Nintendo sent me this awesome spooky clock! The letter read: "This clock must be haunted... If it's not haunted, it's at least broken. It never tells the correct time!" The thing looks broken... but it also has teeth! Yikes!


It had been long enough that I was pretty confident Benedict wasn't going to move away, but when he asked for blue furniture, I decided it might not be a bad idea to pick something up for him just to make sure he has a reason to stick around. I'm not above bribery. And Nook just so happened to have a blue bureau on sale, so I picked it up and brought it right around. I'm such a good neighbor!


If the fact that no one else in town had been convinced to wear my Kylie shirt wasn't enough proof that Axel wasn't that sweet on it, him asking me for a toga was! For whatever reason, he's decided that togas are the hot new fashion trend, and so I bought him one just to see how ridiculous he'd look in it. Answer: pretty ridiculous.


Mom sent me this rather amusing letter. I mean, isn't that part of the fun of being a grown-up? if you want to just eat cookies for dinner, you can! I mean, you'll probably feel kind of ooky afterwards or the next morning, but you can do whatever you want. The other day I had pancakes for dinner because it means you don't need dessert. Pancakes are like having dessert for dinner!


Right after a rousing game of hide and seek (which is why Curly is hanging face), Merry stunned me with her big news that she was going to leave town. She seemed so super excited about it, but I asked her not to go. She seemed pleased that I would try to stop her, but then basically flat out told me she was going to go anyway! How rude! I love it. She did suggest that I keep trying, so I guess I will. Someone with that kind of sass shouldn't be allowed to leave Narnia without a fight!


And to close out this wild entry, some insanity from Pascal. Good ol' Pascal... I guess he's right, but they do have whiskers. So what does that make them, then? Answer me that!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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