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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

After the bonanza of activity that was last week, this time around things just had to be quieter, right? Well, they were. Not that it was a really quiet week... but it was more relaxing, I'll say that for it!


The trees are starting to turn, and the ground is going brown (which I always appreciate because it's easier to spot weeds!), but the fall color isn't quite there yet... Soon, though!


I can appreciate Gwen being vain enough to want a makeover (although I personally think she looks lovely as is), but I don't recall Shampoodle doing anything other than hair... Maybe Harriet has a back room where she does low-budget plastic surgery? Does Gwen want her beak done? Sounds dangerous!


Kiki told me she was thinking about moving, so I asked her not to. She seemed surprised I cared enough to try and change her mind. Which, really? I'm nothing but nice to her, we kiki all the time... why would she think I wouldn't care if she stayed or went? These people, I swear... Anyway, she told me she hadn't fully made up her mind, but it does sound like she's probably on her way out. We'll see!


By the end of the week, more trees had started to go, and the colors were stronger. Of course, some trees are seemingly holding on as long as they can... but they'll change eventually! And then it'll look so pretty!


This is what happens when you visit town too early in the morning. Which, I don't think 8:30 is all that early, but whatever. Everyone's still asleep. I seriously only saw Axel and Curly awake and wandering around town. which makes sense, because they're sporty types who probably got up early to go for a jog or workout or something. Octavian here? He's still fast asleep. Lucky guy. I wish I was!

Oh, also, since I never visit in the mornings this early, I'd never really heard this music before. It's a great variation on the theme! I love it! I wish they'd switch up the muzak so I didn't have to hear the same tune since I play in the evenings all the time. Why not play this chipper ditty later in the day? It might be a nice change of pace!


Ben said:

I just put in my copy of AC City Folk yesterday to see what was going on. I'm anticipating the 3DS version, so I wanted an AC fix. Surprisingly my town wasn't that bad, having been neglected for at least a year. There weren't even that many weeds. At least much less than I thought. It was fun playing for a bit. I even collected a few things not in my catalog. I remember trying to play my copy of Wild World a while ago and it seemed like it was too daunting to clean up that town, so I gave up. City Folk doesn't seem to punish you as harshly.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Ben on Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary: I just put in my copy of AC City Folk yesterday to see what was going on. I'm anticipating the...

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