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Xbox 360 Gets A Holiday Price Cut


Guys and gals, Christmas is fast approaching. Naturally, "fast approaching" is relative - by 2025, I imagine the pre-holiday rush will start around April - but that doesn't detract from the loveliness of the season. Gifts will be given, drinks enjoyed, and as a yearly tradition, the "concerned citizen" crowd will resurrect their "War on Christmas"-inspired persecution complex, before remembering that Christians have a monopoly on political power.

That aside, there are deals to be had, one of which involved our old friend, the Xbox 360. Indeed, the popular console is hopping on the Christmas Train, with a $50 discount for the "Holiday Bundle." $250 will get you either a 250GB unit, or a 4GB with the Kinect peripheral. Big spenders of the world can shell out an extra $100 for both the 250GB hard drive and Kinect. Whether this will be indicative of a permanent price cut is unknown - being a "Holiday Bundle" and all - but as Game Informer notes, console season is fast approaching, so Microsoft might be inclined to make the discount permanent.

So while capitalism marches toward Yuletide bliss, and working class fatalities related to discount Blu-Ray players reach an annual high (causing the ghost of Ayn Rand to experience sensations typically reserved for the bedroom), I would recommend ordering online. Your unbroken sternum will thank you.

via Gamestop

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