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Angry Birds Star Wars Comes To iOS And Android

Face it kids, chances are you like Star Wars. Now by "like," I don't mean invoking the stereotype-laden stigma (often used toward humorous ends) around the franchise - donning Chewbacca costumes, proclaiming to possess the power of the force, or creating fan fiction involving Jabba and "Slave Leia" that would make the angels cry - but in all likelihood, even the most hardened cynic at least has an appreciation for the charm of Chapters IV-VI.

Evidently, Rovio also has an appreciation for the franchise (and by "franchise" I of course mean "f*ck-tons of money"), as evidenced by the release of Angry Birds Star Wars. The game is fairly self-explanatory: Birds of ill-temper take their fight to the Empire, donning light sabers, blasters, and a heart full of loathing for swine.

iPhone/iPod touch users can get the game for $0.99; those favoring the iPad can get Angry Birds Star Wars HD for $2.99. On the Android front, the standard version is free, and its HD counterpart will run $2.99. While the game has been well-received by critics, viewing the comments section reveals that the game is loaded with in-app purchases. These can range from different types of birds to claims of "missing levels" -- though this could be the "Path of the Jedi" pack, described VG247 as "a 40-level expansion that features Luke Skywalker and Yoda on the swamp planet Dagobah."

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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